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Welcome to datastagedude’s Blog About DataStage

January 12, 2012

Hi all.  This is the first entry of this blog.  This blog is intended to give my experiences on working with IBM’s tool, Infosphere DataStage.  It can range from all sorts of topics ranging from my personal experiences, debugging errors, tips, tricks and everything under the sun.

Let me first begin by giving a little background about myself.  I have been working with DataStage since August 2010  (hence, I am no expertby any means).  I am working for an IT consulting firm in Ohio and have been working there since July 2010, pretty much straight out of graduating college.  My first gig was a developer for a major medical company.  I was not doing data warehousing, just custom jobs.  From there, I went to being a Senior Consultant, where another senior and I were in charge of a team of three developers on a data warehouse project for a school district.  I am currently still on this project, but everyone besides myself have rolled off since October 2011.  I became DataStage v8.0 certified in December 2010, but I am currently working with DataStage v8.5 on this project.

I used multiple sites for my DataStage information, for example,,, and  All these websites are fantastic sources of DataStage related info and I highly recommend them all.

I will try and post as frequently as possible, so if you read the blog and like it, just leave a quick comment.  Even if you don’t, I’d appreciate the feedback either way.


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